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Using an Outdoor Pet Enclosure With Your Cat

Using an Outdoor Pet Enclosure With Your Cat
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There is no doubt that cats enjoy being outside. You only have to see them stretch out in a ray of sunshine one time to realize that. But if you live in the city where your cats might run out in the street or get lost, letting them go outside can be a problem. Even if you live in a rural area, there can be other larger animals that might hurt your cats. You might think that you have no choice but to keep them inside all the time, but there is another solution.

The best way to give your cats a little outdoor time while still maintaining their safety is to use a pet enclosure. If you’re handy, you can make one yourself. It just takes a little lumber, a little canvas and a little netting. If you prefer not to make make your own enclosure, you can buy one that is already complete.

If you buy one that is already made, you have a lot of options. Some are small, simple net boxes that the cats can nap in. Others are a bit fancier. You can get enclosures that are made of modules that fit together like a prefab home. You just get the pieces you want and put them together. Pieces might include a tower for climbing, a long area where the cats can run back and forth, a hammock for lying around. Using an enclosure can keep your cats from getting lost and keep them safe from neighborhood dogs and other cats.

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