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Dog and Cat

Dog and Cat
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As a child, my brother and I had a dachshund dog named Milord. He was intelligent, kind, affectionate and cunning. We loved him very much, and he loved us. He also loved animals and did not offend birds.

One day, returning from a walk, in the courtyard of our house we saw a small gray kitten. Milord blatantly bared, we raised and bought home.

At home, Milord did not leave the kitten, licked it like a caring mother cat, and lay down beside him. At first the kitten squinted his eyes and was afraid of Milord, but soon he settled down, drank milk and slept sweetly. Milord defended his dream.

But then they rang the doorbell. This neighbor was looking for her missing kitten. The kid immediately woke up, stretching slightly, yawned, showing white sharp teeth and a pink tongue. Of course, he was glad to see the hostess, but with all his important air he seemed to show that he was well away and was not going home at all.

It turned out that the kitten was called Marsik. The hostess called Marsik, but he did not even lead an ear. She leaned toward him and asked affectionately whatever was time for him to go home and if he was going to get ready? Kotik hesitated, then mewed in response, deftly jumped to the owner in his arms, scrambled on his shoulder and washed a fluffy tail.

We thought that Marsik in this way bids farewell to us and to Milord, but that was not the case! From the shoulder of the landlady, he traveled one jump to the curtain and hung on the curtain, thereby showing what he was capable of, that he was here well and he did not want to leave our house and his new friend. We all became merry, we laughed. My lord even squealed with joy, whined and ran around in a circle, got up on his hind legs and wagged his tail, showing that he did not want to say goodbye to Marsik.

We also felt sorry to part with Marsik and then we decided to meet in the courtyard every day for a walk.

Early in the morning, Milord was already at the door, inviting us for a walk. Having met with Marsik on the street of joy of both there was no limit!

So, once lost, the kitten found a faithful friend and a real protector, and our Milord learned to love and care for our younggers brothers even more.

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