Why Does My Pet… Make a Mess When She Eats?
Thinkstock Whether it seems natural or abnormal, sloppy eating or drinking should always be brought to your vet’s attention. Dogs and cats are typically considered neat eaters. Unlike many other small mammals and some birds, for example, our canine and feline house pets tend toward the tidy. Unfortunately, however, that’s not always the case. A… (0 comment)

Why Does My Pet… Eat Grass or Houseplants?
The same number of feline proprietors know, our catlike companions regularly appear to love to eat grass and numerous family plants. While nobody knows for beyond any doubt why felines participate in this conduct, there are numerous hypotheses with respect to why they do. One hypothesis is that when a feline is managing a hidden… (0 comment)

How Much Water Should My Dog or Cat Drink?
Thinkstock Is your dog drinking enough water? Animals have an instinctual drive to consume enough water to meet their daily requirements. The average amount of water for a dog or cat to drink each day is roughly 1 cup per 10 pounds of body weight. Young puppies and kittens require more due to their higher… (0 comment)

What OCD-like Behavior Looks Like in Pets
Numerous individuals appreciate viewing YouTube recordings of pooches and felines pursuing their tails and chuckling at how senseless they look. In any case, what numerous individuals may not understand is that occasionally those senseless recordings are really indicating pets with potential social issue. The pets in the recordings might take part in enthusiastic (redundant) conduct… (0 comment)

What Is Endoscopy and Why Might My Pet Need It?
In some cases, your pet can have a condition that is hard to analyze without really looking at an interior organ or getting a biopsy, or tissue test. While this is frequently proficient with medical procedure, now and again, endoscopy can give a less intrusive option. Amid this methodology, a veterinarian embeds an endoscope —… (0 comment)