Cat Health – How to Tackle Hair Loss in Cats
Cat care means a full belly, a lot of attention and of course, a shiny, health, well-groomed coat. Every cat loves to be brushed, right? Having their long, luxurious hair brushed for hours and hours, but if your cat is shedding much more than normal when you look at the cat hairbrush, there may be… (0 comment)

Decoding Cat Behavior
Most people like cats due to the mystery they bring into your life. While dog’s are fairly simple and indelibly loyal: A cat will make you work for their loyalty and have many mysterious actions and gestures that need to be decoded, in order for you to be the best cat owner you can be.… (0 comment)

Caring For Your New Cat
If you have decided on getting a kitten, you will soon understand the responsibilities that come with it, such as devoting adequate time for your pet, pampering it and making sure that you take care of any cat health problems that may occur. Since different cat breeds have different characteristics, you should try to learn… (0 comment)

Cat Dental Care Tips
Cuddling with your cat would be more pleasant if it does not have that foul smell of a breath. Saliva, food particles, and bacteria are the best ingredients for feline halitosis so you better think about cat dental care. When the bacteria proliferate in your cat’s mouth, it may cause gingivitis and gum inflammation. Worst… (0 comment)

Living With The Cat – Chapter 3
If you bought your little new cat from a breeder, they normally already have to visit the veterinarian the first time, got their vaccination and anthelmintic therapy. But if you found your little new friend somewhere on the road or if your little friend found you, please take this time and go see the vet.… (0 comment)

Bringing Home a New Cat
When you bring home a new cat, regardless of where it came from, the first day in your home is the most crucial and special. So, if you plan to get a new cat, it is important to know some facts about the way cats relate to others of their own kind. Territory is very… (0 comment)

What Makes Cats Different From Other Animals
There many differences between cats and other animals. All felines, from big wild cats to domestic small cats, have common features. Scientists claim that the cat species evolved about 40 million years ago from an animal similar to weasels. To make a comparison, human erectus, the first human being, evolved approximately 1, 8 million years… (0 comment)

Your Guide to Cat Breeds
For the first 8,000 years of their relationship with humans, cats pretty much took care of their own breeding. People kept them for one purpose – hunting rodent – and they are already perfectly designed for that. More than 100 years ago, however, we began systematically breeding cats to appeal to our aesthetic tastes. Hair… (0 comment)